The Birds and You - Conservation starts at home

Friday, August 14, 2020 8:47 PM | Anonymous member

Birds are incredibly beneficial to us humans. Birds are a natural insect and rodent control and clean up carcasses. We listen to their songs and observe their beautiful colors and behaviors. Birds prompt us to walk trails and beaches to enjoy them, thus providing psychological and physical wellness to us. Environmental and commercial jobs are created and millions of dollars are earned in the travel and recreational industry annually because of birds. They are found around the world, including your backyard.

Yet, we lost over 2.9 billion birds over the past 50 years in the US and Canada (published by Cornell Lab of Ornithology). It’s time to help and give back to the birds. We all can do it. Conservation starts right at your home.

Create a bird-friendly habitat in your yard. Remove invasive non-native plants. Minimize your lawn. Lawn is dead green space on which we waste our water and often use chemicals harmful to the environment. Instead embrace in the beauty of Florida. Plant native plants and trees. Leave some leaf litter and a dead tree, or at least the trunk. It’s a haven for many bird species.

Avoid trimming and pruning plants and trees during breeding season. You only destroy habitat by doing so. Consider providing nest boxes and nest material, like your pets fur or your hair. The birds will flock to your yard.

Use your consciousness! Avoid single use plastic items and Styrofoam, which doesn’t break down for 500+ years. Use reusable containers and straws for your food and beverage, if you have to.

Recycle, it reduces pollution and is easy to do. Eat organic food. Over 1 billion pounds of pesticides are used annually in the agricultural industry in the US. These are toxic for you, the wildlife and environment.

Join a citizen science project and give back to our planet. We only have that ONE.

Say NO to fertilizers, herbicides, rodenticides and pesticides, they kill our birds.

Protect the birds, help them and be certain they will thank you!

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