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Interested in some fun and exciting hands-on virtual programs from St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge?  Reach out to Lori Nicholson, Instructional Systems Specialist and she'll be happy to share links to programs that are fun for all ages!  Topics are:  Alligators, Butterflies, Kayaking and Snorkeling, Bats and much more!

St Marks National Wildlife Refuge

Virtual Program information

  • Alligators:  A short informative educational video that tells about the American Alligators, their history, biology and how to tell the difference between them and crocodiles.   Good for all ages.  2 minutes and 25 seconds long.  (Video is closed captioned)

  • An Evening at the St Marks NWR Bat house: Turn the volume up on this video to hear the sounds of nature (pileated woodpecker, bats, wind and other birds and insects) in the evening at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge right beside one of our bat houses.  Listen to the bats as they wake up and watch as bats make their exit to hunt for insects for the night.   This video is approximately 3 minutes and 38 seconds long.  Fun for all ages.  Currently not closed captioned, if done will have to just be descriptions of video as there is no talking in this one.  

  • Butterfly Craft:  This is a great short activity for early childhood to lower primary grades.  Watch and learn how to make a butterfly out of toilet paper tubes.  Video is 2 minutes and 28 seconds long.  Currently not closed captioned.  

  • St. Marks NWR Butterfly Hike:  Take a virtual hike on the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and learn about various species of beautiful butterflies on the refuge while you enjoy the scenery.  Music accompanies the video while captions are displayed in the video.  Video is 3 minutes and 38 seconds long.  (Video closed captioned).  

  • Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft:  Watch along and learn how to make a coffee filter butterfly.  Great for early childhood to lower primary grades.  Video is 1 minute and 2 seconds long.  Video currently is not closed captioned.

  • Virtual Tour of Cedar Point Trail:  This virtual hike along Cedar Point trail on St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge.  This video is fun for all ages.  Learn about the plants and animals along the trail.  Fun zippy music accompanies the video.  Video is 3 minutes and 6 seconds long.   Currently not closed captioned.  

  • Monarch Tagging part 1:  Join State biologist and volunteer on an early morning adventure to find and tag the monarch butterfly.  Very informative video, great shots of early morning at the refuge.  This video is better for older grades and is part 1 of a 2-part series.  It lasts 26 minutes.   This video is currently not closed captioned.  

  • Introduction to St.Marks National Wildlife Refuge:  Video was created for National Public Lands Day.  Great scenic views of the refuge with closed captioning. Learn about various plants and animals on the refuge while enjoying this video.  Great for all ages.  Video is 3 minutes and 24 seconds long and is closed captioned

  • OE (Ophrycystis elecktrosccirrha) Study wit Jaap de Roode, Professor of Biology Emory University:  A very informative video on an important butterfly parasite study that is being done on the monarch butterflies.  This video is best for upper elementary and high school students.  Video is 3 minutes and 53 seconds long.  Currently not closed captioned.

  • Virtual Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour of St.Marks National Wildlife Refuge:  Come along for a short virtual kayaking trip around the lighthouse.  Ride along on the kayak and go under water with us as we snorkel to see what we can find along the old keeper’s dock remains.  Music accompanies this 3 minute and 58 second video.     Currently not closed captioned.  

  • Virtual Insect Program:  This very informative virtual field trip is a great way to teach about insects, their life cycles and insect anatomy. Watch along as we dip net in Plum Orchard pond then take a closer look at specimens that are caught.  This program is 10 minutes and 49 seconds long.  Post program activity sheets can be requested.  This program is designed for upper elementary students and meets educational standard requirements.  Most ages will enjoy.  This video is closed captioned.    

  • Painting with Jan Part I:  Come with us on a paint along adventure of the famous, majestic St. Marks Lighthouse.    This series is great not only for art students in middle and high school, but also adults.  This is part 1 of a 6-part painting series.  It is almost 14 minutes long.  Currently not closed captioned.  

  • Painting with Jan Part II:  Continue the paint along adventure with Jan while she helps you step by step in painting a lighthouse scene.  Video is 17 minutes and 15 seconds. Currently not closed captioned.  

For access to the videos, please email Lori Nicholson at

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