Board Member Duties

All Board Members shall:

  1. Have a commitment to the mission of LEEF and serve its membership.

  2. Participate to our commitment to being a 100% Giving Board.

  3. Develop knowledge of the Environmental Education profession and programs in the state.

  4. Be professional representatives and spokespersons of LEEF and shall be prepared to provide membership/organization/information whenever possible.

  5. Attend all Board, assigned committee and planning meetings or send a representative. Every Board member will serve on at least one Action Team/Committee.

  6. Contribute to the LEEF Blog.

  7. Maintain term-appropriate Board files and property.

  8. Discuss with their replacement meeting job responsibilities, policies and procedures and ongoing projects.

  9. Turn over position and board related files and property to the appropriate board member. Turnover shall take place before the first scheduled Board meeting following the annual conference or at the first Board meeting upon completion of service to LEEF. Only the president-elect and president shall retain his/her files for multiple years.

  10. The outgoing past president shall turn over files and property to the president-elect.

  11. Assume office after the induction ceremony at the Spring Conference.

  12. Review, revise and approve the annual budget.

  13. Commit to donating to LEEF to enable the board to be recognized as a 100% giving board.

  14. Participate in LEEF fundraising activities.

  15. Look for sources of funding such as grants and donations.

  16. Each LEEF Board Member shall have access to the LEEF Board of Directors’ cloud storage which will include, at a minimum:

Board and committee contact information
Policies and procedures
Minutes and notes from Board, membership, and committees
Annual budget and financial reports
LEEF forms
Logo and marketing Information
Strategic plan
Additional files

The President shall:

  1. Preside at all meetings.

  2. Prepare the agenda for LEEF Board Meetings.

  3. Represent LEEF at appropriate meetings/conferences or appoint a substitute.

  4. Preside over the General Membership meeting at the LEEF Spring Conference.

  5. Conduct all LEEF meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order.

  6. Appoint the Chairs of all Board action teams/committees.

  7. Be the official representative of the LEEF.

  8. Serve as the contact person for the organization.

  9. Appoint replacements for vacated Board positions.

  10. Maintain communications and coordination between all LEEF Board members.

  11. Assist in distributing LEEF business (workload) among the Board and members.

  12. Prepare annual summary given to the membership which could be an infographic or one-pager, etc. within three months of the end of the fiscal year.

  13. Serve as ex-officio member on all committees, except the Nominating and Audit Committee.

  14. Be eligible for reimbursement for attending a national conference as a registered LEEF representative as the budget allows, not to exceed $500.

If unable to attend, the Board may designate another LEEF member. Either the President or the designee, depending on who attends, is required to complete the following:

Must make a presentation to the Board. 
Must attend affiliate day meetings.
Funds for this activity must be budgeted and approved by the Board before the trip occurs. During times of restricted finances support for conference attendance will not be provided.
Be responsible for maintaining Board position descriptions as listed in this document. President will distribute these descriptions to any interested parties.
Receive reports from action team/committee chairs and share this information with the board for necessary action.

The President-elect shall:

Serve in this position for one year and automatically progress to President then Past President in succeeding year.
Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
Perform such duties as may be required by the President.
Serve as a member of Nomination/Election committee and Audit Committee.
Call for initial or first Audit Committee meeting of each new fiscal year.
Serve as official liaison to other state education affiliate organizations at the President’s discretion.
Prepare to assume the office of President by: 
Attending as many action team/committee meetings as possible
Learning how to conduct meetings, call for votes, create agendas, and work closely with the President
Learn about LEEF’s finances and strategic plans

Be responsible for keeping an inventory of non-conference LEEF physical property.

The Secretary shall:

Record minutes of all LEEF Board of Directors and LEEF General Membership meetings. 

Minutes shall include: agenda, reports from directors and committee chairs, any motions and results, reason for discussion. Results of votes will state pass or fail with any abstentions listed if reason is given.

Provide each member of the LEEF Board of Directors with a copy of minutes within 30 days following each meeting. All handouts that are distributed at meetings or posted on the Google Share Drive must be an integral part of the minutes.

Maintain a record of all LEEF Board of Directors and LEEF General Membership meeting minutes with original signatures and page initials of the secretary and president.

Provide at cost copies of minutes to any active LEEF member upon request.

Maintain original of all corporate documents.

Maintain a current copy of the LEEF bylaws.

Provide at cost a current copy of LEEF bylaws to any active LEEF member upon request.

Maintain a current copy of the LEEF Policies and Procedures.

Provide a current copy with addenda of the LEEF Policies and Procedures at cost to any active member upon request.

Maintain a copy of contracts or agreements entered into by LEEF that are currently in effect.

At the direction of the President or Board of Directors, handle all LEEF correspondence that is not directly related to another office, a specific action team/committee.

Maintain all original copies of incoming correspondence and copies of outgoing correspondence for the current business year.

At the end of each year, the President, President-elect and Past President will purge the correspondence files. Any documents deemed to be of historical importance will be delivered to the LEEF historian. Documents of legal importance will be maintained in the Secretary's files until no longer contractually required. Other documents will be disposed of in the appropriate manner.

Receive copies of all significant or historical incoming and outgoing LEEF correspondence by other officers and action team/committee chairs.

Assist the President to prepare and distribute meeting notices, agendas and location maps.

Be authorized to acknowledge life events (such as death, birth, marriage, job change, etc.) of LEEF members upon notification.

The Treasurer shall:

Be custodian of the operating budget and oversee receipt and expenditure of funds.
Maintain books so that at all times they shall be open to inspection by LEEF members and they may be submitted for outside auditing by a vote of the majority of either the Board of Directors or members.

Directors shall:

  1. Represent all members of LEEF.

  2. Serve as the official representative of LEEF at meetings and workshops.

  3. Perform such duties as defined in the current approved policies and procedures or as requested.

  4. Serve as chair or co-chair of one or more action teams/committees.

  5. Work with the President to coordinate an annual strategic planning meeting.

  6. Track progress and report to the Board on the progress of their assigned portion of the strategic plan.

  7. Seek individuals to actively serve on action team(s)/committee(s).

  8. Check Policies and Procedures to ensure that the Board is aware of existing policy before discussion at meetings.

Founded in 1983, the League of Environmental Educators in Florida is the professional association for individuals and organizations dedicated to the cause of environmental education in Florida. We are the state affiliate for North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), an organization that brings together those interested in the study and enjoyment of our natural world and one that has promoted excellence in environmental education throughout North America and the world for over four decades.  

The League of Environmental Educators in Florida is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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